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1 Hartford Square East Side Gate  Entrance #60  New Britain, CT 06052  Business Phone - (860) 637-0860
For Class Schedule - Email: : Location: 1 Hartford Square East Side Gate Entrance #60 New Britain, CT : Office Business Hours - (Phone calls, texts & emails for Body Construct Related Questions) Monday through Friday 9:00am-6:00pm To view and print our Fitness Class Schedule please see front page of our website Sundays are closed

Welcome to Body Construct Fit

My name is Lori-Ann Marchese, owner of Body Construct, LLC. I am a Cast Member on Bravo TV's New Hit Show " Game of Crowns, Former Mrs. Connecticut, WBFF Pro International Montreal Top 3 Champion, Fitness Cover Model, Fitness Magazine Writer and I have won many Bikini Fitness Competition Titles throughout my fitness journey.

Body Construct offers one on one training, workout classes, nutrition meal plan programs, competition prep programs, posing, competition camps, modeling opportunities and much more!

We train women of ALL ages from every aspect of life no matter what your goals may be!
I created this program to help women release their frustrations. Awhile ago, I found myself going from gym to gym, training with male trainers and all I gained was frustration. I realized nothing was working! I just couldn’t get the lean legs, perfect glutes, abs, and definition I was looking for.

So I started training on my own. Guess what? I quit the basic gym workouts and started intense training!! That’s right! After several years, I finally created Body Construct, LLC, and released my top workout secrets to my success.

I created this program specifically for women only! I wanted to share my experience and my top secrets to help women get the best body they have always been looking for.
Male Trainers just don’t have an understanding of what women need! This program was created specifically for women and is led by female trainers.
My mission is to impact as many women as possible by releasing their frustrations and getting them RESULTS in the Most Motivating and Comfortable Environment! Are you READY FOR A NEW YOU and SEE CHANGES??? LET WORK TOGETHER 


Lori-Ann Marchese and Body Construct Team

Testimonials - I went from flab to fabulous in a period of 8 weeks  
“I went from flab to fabulous in a period of 8 weeks.  I never imagined I would have abs in my life due to my baby fat  after giving birth and bad eating habits  until I did Lori-Ann’s diet combined with her intense body construct work outs.  Joining Body Construct is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. 
I feel better about myself everyday when I  look at myself in the mirror. To join Body Construct Girl it not only changes your body but it’s a life changing experience, it changes you from the inside out. Change your life  today, join Body Construct Girl where change starts from the inside-out using positive energy. Thank you Lori-Ann.”
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